Scorchers Fitness Challenge

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Hello Scorchers!
We miss seeing you guys at the stadium each week!
To help keep your fitness and basketball skills perfect for our return to the game, we have come up with a Fitness Challenge.
– Below you will find a document (picture) with a table. This table outlines a few types of physical activities with a point system. Essentially, you work-out in one or more of the suggested categories to gain points. To fill out the table please print it out. We will inform you of when we would like your final, completed sheet handed in.
– The Challenge runs for 15 days, and you compete for yourself. Everyone with a Scorchers registration can participate – domestic comp, rep comp or developmental programs! Because you are competing individually, you need to hold yourself accountable. We suggested that our younger Scorchers have a parent sign off on their sheet to confirm that they have participated.
– Some videos with skills and helpful tips will be uploaded to our pages over the 15 days.
Good luck!

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