• Officials must have their own equipment and uniform (local and representative).
  • Local Competition – Referee’s uniform shall consist of a striped referee shirt, black shorts and running shoes. Black pants are compulsory on semi -finals and grand finals (all local competitions).
  • Representative Program – Referee’s uniform shall consist of a striped referee shirt (or as required by BNSW), black pants and black running shoes.
  • T1 and T2 referees will wear the “Green Shirt” provided by Hills Basketball on completion of the Community Referee Course. On graduation to a Community Referee AC, referees are required to purchase a striped referee shirt.
  • Referees are required to remove or cover their striped referee shirt/”Green Shirt” before and after they have officiated.
  • The aim of the Coloured Shirt Program is to make beginner/inexperienced officials easily recognisable to all players, coaches and spectators with the objective that people will identify these officials are learning and will be tolerant of mistakes.

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