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SDBA Schedule of Fees

SDBA Primary Registrations
U8 year olds $16
Juniors 9-11 years old $73
Juniors 12 – 17 years old $99
Seniors $133
Referee/Coach $13.10
* Primary Registrations are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. All Registrations are completed online
SDBA Secondary (Affiliation) Registrations
Secondary Registration (expires with primary rego) $50
* Member must have a valid BNSW registration with another Association. 
Court Fees
Junior Competitions (Winter or Summer) $180 per player
Seniors (per game) $80 per team
Nomination Fees
Senior Teams $70 per team per competition
Senior Forfeit Fees
Level 0 (more than 48 hours notice) $0 (team) + match fees
Level 1 (less than 48 hours notice) $80 (team) + match fees
Level 2 (notice given day of game) $160 (team) + match fees
Level 3 (unnotified forfeit) $240 (team) + match fees
Development Sessions
Aussie Hoops – New participant $120 per term
Aussie Hoops – Returning participant $100 per term
Ball 4 All $50 per term
Ignite $120 per term + a BNSW Registration
Scorchers Academy $120 per term + a BNSW Registration
U10’s $120 per term + a BNSW Registration
Pink Squad $60 per term + a BNSW Registration
Tiny Hoops $50 per term

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