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The IGNITE development session is run on Saturday mornings, aimed at children anywhere between the age of 9-16. Whilst the number of children has grown and grown over the past years, the key principle has remained the same; helping children improve their basketball skills (no matter what level they are at) and making sure they have fun whilst doing so. Whether your child is:

  • Just starting basketball, but is too old for Aussie Hoops
  • Looking to transition smoothly from the schoolyard or backyard into the domestic comp
  • Purely wanting to get better at the game of basketball

then IGNITE is the place for you! We cater for all abilities, giving individual feedback as the players make their way through the drills and games, designed to give each child the skills and confidence needed to play basketball.

We are making some changes to our Ignite program for 2024! From now on, the sessions will be split into age groups, allowing for more targeted training at each age level, and a smoother transition into domestic competitions. The sessions will be split by year of birth, into odd age groups i.e. someone born in 2010 is classified as a 14 year old, and would be part of our U15s/U17s session.

Our U11s/U13s Ignite will run from 9:30 – 10:30am on Saturday mornings.

Our U15s/U17s Ignite will run from 10:30 – 11:30am on Saturday mornings

You are always welcome for a trial lesson to see what we are all about – just email the Association and let us know you’ll be there!

Registrations for Ignite in Term 1 2024 are now unavailable.

To register for Ignite in Term 2 – click here

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