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Junior Competitions

Season Format

SDBA run two competitions a year: Summer – Terms 4 and 1 of the following year and Winter – Terms 2 & 3

Current Season: Winter 2024

  • U12 Boys – Monday nights
  • U14 Boys – Friday nights
  • U16 Boys – Tuesday nights
  • U18 Boys – Tuesday nights
  • U23 Men – Friday nights
  • U14 Girls – Monday nights
  • U18 Girls – Monday Nights

Our Winter 2024 Competition begins at the start of Term 2, 2024, with limited nominations now open here.

Player Ages

Age groups are determined by the age a player is or will turn during a competition. The cut-off date for the Winter 2024 Competition is the 28th September.

For example, if a player is 11 but will turn 12 before the 12th of April, they will need to play in the next age group up i.e. 14’s. If the player will not turn 12 until after the 28th September, they can remain in U12’s for the Winter competition. A player can play up an age group if they wish and have parental/guardian consent.

Players in the senior (opens) competitions must be at least 16 years of age at the start of the season. Representative junior players wanting to play in the senior competition must be at least 14 years of age and obtain approval from the Board.

Representative Player Rule

To ensure equity, Junior competition teams are generally limited to containing players with a value not exceeding 10 “representative player points”, where each rep player is valued at 3 points. Ultimately, only 3 rep players of an age group can play within a team of the same age group as their representative level. Exemptions can be sought from the Board where it can be demonstrated that exceeding the representative player content rule does not unreasonably advantage that team, or that general skill distribution across the teams in that competition is reasonably even.

The representative content rule does not apply to representative players playing up an age group. Rep players hold onto their status as a representative player until the first rep season in which they are not on a team (ie. a 2023 Rep player is still considered a Rep player in our 2023/24 Summer Competition, despite the Rep season being finished).

Working With Children Checks

All managers and coaches over 18 years for junior and under 20 teams must have a Working with Children check. The certificate or clearance number must be submitted on the Team Nomination form.

If you are waiting on your clearance please supply your application number until your certificate arrives. This is a BNSW regulation, and no exceptions will be granted.

Working with Children Checks applications are completed via Service NSW



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