Referees are an integral part of basketball and SDBA provides a pathway for the development of our referees from beginners to experienced state level referees. Whilst it is imperative that referees have a strong understanding of the rules we acknowledge the importance on court learning, development and feedback to provide continual development of skills.

SDBA’s refereeing program provides a pathway of opportunity for referees to progress and develop their skills. This pathway follows the State Referee Pathway Matrix

There are four (4) levels of referee development at a domestic :

1.Association Community Referee Match Assessment

2. Association Development Referee Match Assessment

3. Association Intermediate Referee Match Assessment

4. Association-Advanced-Referee-Match-Assessment

While officials will be observed and assessed at all levels, SDBA can provide upgrades up until Association Development and Basketball NSW and Basketball Australia will assess from that point on.

SDBA’s Referee Development Officer (RDO) is employed to coach, develop and retain referees and to provide refereeing opportunities within domestic, representative, school tournaments and other basketball games and carnivals.

If you would like to referee with SDBA, please register your interest and we will be in touch.


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